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    We just launched our site and everything was looking good. Then I noticed that the iphone was no longer showing the responsive version of the site, but instead showing a completely different set of content on the home page. The menu is correct, and the rest of the pages seem to be fine, but the home page is incorrect. What can cause this?

    Website is


    So I figured out part of the cause, but don’t know how it is happening. The Frontpage widget area is not showing on the mobile version. Instead it’s defaulting to the page set up in the static front page configuration.

    I’m afraid I may have messed something up as I was working on tweaking the sidebar widgets on Friday. What could I have done to cause the FP Widget area to not show on my iphone?

    Axle Support


    We do not recommend you to change or modify the core files of the theme.

    If you need to modify it you can always do it via a child theme.

    Also we have inspected the site on mobile device, there is a link on the bottom that says
    ” View Full Site ” which then leads to the real site supposed to show on the device.
    May be you have used a plugin or some custom coding to achieve this ? If so, you can remove the code or the plugin.

    Hope it helps.


    Thank you. I didn’t change the core files. You did point me in the right direction. I found that it was a switch in Jetpack that I had switched. Turned it off and it works fine.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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