Axle Themes is a WordPress product company which provides elegant but easy to use WordPress Themes and Plugins with optimum coding standard and mesmerizing designs. The company strives to provide not only quality products but also tends to provide good user experience and customer satisfaction as well. With the motto of ” Users First ” we move ahead to provide our customers what they want in a Theme/Plugin with unbound effort to make it as simple as possible to use, whilst providing the best and uttermost features on a Theme/Plugin .


Our Team

Axle Theme comprises of a brilliant team of WordPress Developers and Designers with clinical skills who are also known for their erudition on Web Development. We have visualized and working on themes that help people of a diverse range of users – be it students, professionals, businesses, bloggers & others.
We have built every theme with passion and brilliance, with loads of research on what the user would possibly want on their theme and how we can implement a user’s need into our products so that each user can showcase themselves without compromising on quality, speed, elegance or anything for that matter. We also keep our products updated so that they can help compete users in any real world scenario.