Best Free & Premium Minimalist WordPress Themes 2019

Axle Themes WordPress minimalists themes are designed by keeping in mind the motto: Less is More! Our minimalist themes are designed by considering the objective of website developers and owners who want to focus on what is essential rather than entertaining with additional features. These themes are part of our 2019 free WordPress themes & Premium WordPress themes.

Have you ever visited a website which is shrouded with fancy flash effect, mesmerizing 3D layout and animations and yet you fail to comprehend what the page is about? With all of those decorative effects, the general audience feels at a loss in understanding what’s essential. Online viewers are known for short patience; they may be easily distracted by cluttered elements on your blog site. Realizing this trend among their users, more and more bloggers and content focused websites are leaning more towards minimalist WordPress blog themes.

So, what are the Minimalist Themes? Minimalist Themes are the themes with a functional design which are more focused around the quality content. The theme revolves around free space, simplicity and beautiful typography. The minimalist design captures the attention of more audience by limiting distraction and enhancing the readability of the content. With the limited attention span of the online viewer, Minimalist blog themes may be the best bet for your blogging journey.

There is no denying that for content markets and designers, minimalist blog themes triumph over flashy themes as such themes eliminate cluttering and bulky gradients. But this does not mean that you don’t have features like social media widgets, helpful slider plugins, and simple animations that provide a better perspective to show your content. Considering this paradigm, we have compiled a list of the best free and premium minimalist WordPress blog themes for 2019. Check them out below:

Looking for the simple responsive WordPress blog theme then you may want to try our premium Blorigan theme. With the minimalist and fully responsive design, you can create a clean and attractive blog website within a minute. Powered by Customizer API, it enables you to host a live preview. And with the selection of featured slider or carousel, you can publish your content in the continuous slide. The robust but straightforward design of the theme allows you to engage with your audience by eliminating cluttering elements and annoying pop-ups. Your viewer will appreciate your choice to focus more on content and less on flashy animations.

The theme also comes with Footer Instagram options which allow you to showcase your content with beautiful pictures and a wide selection of font family. With a choice of the more than 50+ font family, you can create eye-catching text content. It also allows you to customize the logo and select a different color option. With the multiple layouts and flexible menu settings, you can create the blog website which is stylish as well as user-friendly.

  • Billed once per year, 1 time

If you want to capture the attention of the audience to the content, then you can choose our modern WordPress blog themes. You can mesmerize your audience by showing large photos and bold typography. Supported by WordPress customizer, you can customize the site as per your need. With the multiple layout and custom menu setting, it gives you the flexibility to create a blog website which matches your niche content. Our theme is compatible with most of the web browsers, and it adapts with the different screen of mobile devices like smartphone and tablets.

Since the theme is not cluttered with the heavy animations and flash effects, your blog website will load faster. The theme is a bag with a high level of SEO practice, so it gives you the opportunity to rank higher than your competitors. With the custom widgets and optional sidebars, you can enhance the user-experience of the visitors. Additionally, it also allows you to publish an author biography.

  • Billed once per year, 1 time

If you are a beginner in blogging, then you can choose our personal blog WordPress theme for better user experience. Blorigan is a clear, minimalistic theme for personal and streamlined blog websites. With the multiple navigation menus and full-width header image, you can create a fresh and modern blog site. You can easily customized menu and background image using the theme customizer. With the minimalistic design, you can direct your visitor attention toward the content.

The theme is built with the consideration of the SEO compatibility with the major search engines. So, you don’t need to worry about further optimization of the theme in your WordPress site. Integrating the theme in the WordPress is quick and easy. It doesn’t require you to code in a complex programming language.

Blog Express is one of the best blog and shop WordPress theme for content publishers. With a simple and clean design, your viewer will find it seamless to navigate through your blog site. This multi-purpose free theme can be used for food blogs, magazines, news portal, travel journals and personal blogs. With the multiple theme options and menu settings, you can create a simple yet highly functional blog website.

The theme is compatible with most of the WordPress plugins so you should not worry about plugin support in the near future. The themes come with the pre-built features so if you are a beginner; free Blog Express is the one for you.

Benefits of Minimalistic Design

Get your audience focused:

The Minimalist design depends upon the philosophy of creating something with the elimination of the elements which do not serve the purpose. In the blog website, the primary goal is to share your story and idea with the target audience. And the minimalist theme achieves this by focusing more on quality content and less on the flashy effect.

Good reputation:

When the audience is not distracted by the complicated layout and annoying pop-ups, your blog website appears more professional. The viewer will be more focused on your content. With the quality content, your audience will be more engaged. And, your audience will considered your blog more authentic.

Snappy Loading Page:

In the absence of a bulky gradient, fancy flash effect and 3D animation, your website will require fewer resources in the server. So, there is fewer content to download which will ultimately load your website faster.

Easy Maintenance:

Due to simple and minimalist design, there is no complex code working on the background. The structure of the theme is light and clean. So, there will not be a complex maintenance protocol in the near future.