Free & Premium Education WordPress Themes 2019

With so many educational institutions trying to rank supreme in the growing market of education, your website may be the best bet to reach new students. Gone are days of visiting every college, school or other academics institution to seek the best education program. Today all of the people are searching online to research the best educational institutes. They like to compare all of the features of an education program provided by the institution in the haven of their home. So, what can you do to create the best educational website? Try installing our free and premium education WordPress theme.

Our free and premium themes are specially designed for school, universities, specialized courses, social gathering and other academic institutions. It comes with a highly responsive design which fit perfectly with any mobile devices. So, you don’t need to worry about losing any mobile audiences. Our themes are structured with highly structured code which is SEO friendly to any popular search engines. Our themes come with a pre-organized design to showcase all of your content, files, courses and information. It also enables you to customize your website according to your requirement. 

You may try any standard themes to create an okay educational website, but considering the growing market in the education, all of your competitors are using a specialized version of the academic education WordPress theme. So, if you want to create a successful brand among all of the competitors, then you need to choose the best education WordPress themes. Knowing your problem to choose powerful educational themes, we present you free and premium WordPress themes for 2019.

If you are new to the scene of creating the educational website, then try our education WordPress theme. Education Mind comes with all of the features to create the best site for the academic program. Building the website with this theme is quick and intuitive. With the simple method of drag and drop, you can add all the features to create professional educational websites. Considering the importance of visibility of the site in search engines, this themes is packed with the best SEO practice. The themes can be used to serve in any mobile devices. It adapts to any screen of devices like smartphone, tablets or phablets.

The theme comes with all of the customizable features like custom menu, footer widgets, logo and title customization, colour option, custom widgets and many more. With the featured slider, you can showcase all of your content and information with a dynamic look. It provides different layout option of Site Boxed layout and Site fluid layout. You can also add more sidebar layout. The theme is free, so there is no risk to integrate our themes in your WordPress site.

  • Billed once per year, 1 time

If you want to step up your game in the competitive market of the Education, then Education Mind Pro is the best bet for you. Education Mind Pro is the best education WordPress theme for your website. It is a premium version of the academic themes which comes with all of the features of Education Mind and some more. The themes are specially designed with SEO in mind. It is highly optimized to be visible in any modern search engines like Google, Bing. It is completely responsive and works on all devices and screens. Powered by Customizer API, managing website is clean and intuitive. The theme is capable of displaying relevant information on user-friendly manners.

Beside robust framework, the themes come with all of the premium features like custom color options, optional sidebars, multiple layouts, a wide selection of fonts family and much more. If you are in the business of selling online courses, then our themes provide full support for WooCommerce. With the help of WooCommerce, you can create and manage an online shop for different academic courses.