Best Free & Premium WordPress Blog Themes 2019

In the world of informational overload, it is challenging to capture the attention of your audience. And if you’re a blogger, then you need that sweet audience. Choosing the right theme for your blog can make or break your online empire. As we human beings are a very visual creature, you can use this quirk to engage with your audience by choosing the themes which appease them.

Axle Themes provide you best free and premium WordPress Blog themes which are beautiful, highly responsive, customizable and SEO-friendly. You can use our themes to create a WordPress site which attracts more visitor to your website. And integrating our themes in your WordPress site is quick and hassle-free. Instead of wasting your time in the technical spiral, you can save those time to charge your creative energy.

If you want to step up your game in blogging, then you can select our Start Magazine Pro theme. This wordpress magazine theme will enable you to design an eye-catching yet straightforward blog site. It grants you all the features of our free Start Magazine theme and some more. It provides a feature of multiple layout options so that you can present your content however you like. You can also enhance your viewer experience by adding optional sidebars.

With the pro feature, you can customize your website even more than before. It grants you to choose different color options so you can give your finishing touch to the blog site. With the simple integration of our premium Start magazine theme, you can boost the level of the blog website.

  • Billed once per year, 1 time

Design a professional blog website with a simple responsive WordPress blog theme in 2019. With the minimalist design, you can showcase your content with beautiful pictures and a wide selection of font family. The fully responsive theme will fit your content in any mobile devices. Featured display or carousel will allow you to publish content in live slides. With the site boxed and fluid layout, you can create a website with multiple layouts.

This theme comes with Footer Instagram options which allow you to exhibit your beautiful photos. With customization of logo and custom color option, you can create brand awareness among your viewers. It is also a distinctive search engine optimized blog and will help you rank higher in the search result page.

  • Billed once per year, 1 time

Showcase your blogging prowess by using our modern WordPress blog themes. Blog Express Pro is the theme designs which is suitable for personal or professional blog or content publishers. It is specially designed to showcase your beautiful pictures and text content with a wide range of colors and fonts. It lets you choose from a wide range of font family.

Baked with the high-level SEO practice, it is compatible with most of the famous search engines. With its optimized design, you can stand out from the crowd. As the theme is compatible with most of the mobile devices, your audience can also enjoy your blog in any devices.

  • Billed once per year, 1 time

Start Magazine is a clean and beautiful free WordPress magazine theme with slider WordPress magazine theme. It is specially designed for online magazines, newspapers, news portals, editors, bloggers, and content publishers. The simple yet highly responsive design will help your audience to navigate through your site easily. With the option to customize the title and logo, you can create your unique brand.

Besides, providing clean and elegant looks, the themes are also optimized for the search engine. So you don’t need to worry about SEO compatibility with your WordPress site. With the custom widget, you can enhance your user experience by giving them a shortcut approach. Whether it is for online news port or your blog, you can seamlessly build an attractive website.

Magazine Point Pro is a blog magazine WordPress theme crafted with high-quality code, elegant design, and additional features. You can build professional newspaper columns, corporate blog and publish personal blog within minutes without any hassle. With the multiple fonts family and color options, you can create a blog website which best suite your personality.

This theme provides additional features like multiple layouts, color options, optional sidebars, and various font options. It also offers more layouts and themes options than free magazine point themes. With the smooth integration with cache and plugin minification, it gives negligence impact on page load time.

  • Billed once per year, 1 time

If you prefer the minimalist approach for your blog website, then our creative blog WordPress theme is the one for you. Blorigan is a clean and modern blogging WordPress theme for personal and streamlined blog websites. Blorigan comes with a custom layout with multiple navigation menus and a full-width header image. The theme provides clean menu settings and the option to set up a custom background.

Blorigan themes also support featured slider or carousel. With this feature, you can encourage your viewer to stay on your site longer. You can create multiple clear calls to action to keep your viewer engaged. With elegant and clean typography, you can improve the readability of your WordPress blog.

Blog Express is gorgeous and flexible WordPress blog theme. It is one of the best blog and shop WordPress theme for content publishers. It is designed to showcase your image intensive niche content to your audience. With the elegantly featured images and clean typography, you can capture the attention of your audience and encourage them to be more engaged. It offers you unique visuals, including customizable widgets and menu settings.

With the support of the WordPress Customizer for all these settings, you can customize site as per your need and with live preview. It is compatible with all modern browser with the feature to adapt in any size of the screen. If you need to showcase multiple blogs from the homepage, then this blog theme is the one for you.

Magazine Point is one of the best and clean magazine WordPress theme. It lets you create an aesthetic blog website without compromising quality and features. Magazine Point comes with crisp and pixel perfect display.  It contains several features like custom box layout, image popup with photo gallery, social media options, and pagination options. You can also select several themes and make a website that best describes your niche.

Other than its quality design, this theme uses clean SEO practices. So, you can grab the attention of more viewer by ranking higher in the search engine. With mobile-friendly design and responsive feature, it can be supported by most of the mobile devices like smartphone and tablets.

Factors to be considered while selecting the WordPress Blog themes

With so many free and premium themes in the WordPress repository, you may feel overwhelmed to choose themes that best suits your blog site. So, we compiled the list of the factors to be considered while selecting the WordPress Blog themes. Let’s explore them.


The design is the first things to be considered while choosing blog themes. Find a theme which can best describe your content in your blog website without compromising the user experiences. You may want to select the themes with the easy navigation options and clean user interface. You want the theme which gets people focused, engaged and sharing your idea. So, visit the demo of the selected themes before integrating with your WordPress website.


If you are a new blogger, you may want to choose the free themes. With free themes, you can get a decent feature. Customization option may be limited, but it should give you some head start. But if you are a power blogger, then you may want to choose premium WordPress blog themes. You need to compare the price and features of the themes. You should be well-informed about the features you are paying for.


You may want to customize the themes to create your unique blog site. Therefore, you need to be mindful about the customization option provided by the themes. Features like the menu bar, colors, fonts, layouts, and icons are common things you may want to customize in the near future. So, always be thorough while reviewing the themes.

Easy Integration:

You may want to look for the themes which are quick and easy to integrate into your blog website. Drag and Drop page building is very popular as it doesn’t require you to learn a complicated programming language. So, you may want to select themes which provide easy Drag and Drop method of integration.

Mobile Friendly:

Considering the increasing number of mobile internet user, you need themes which are responsive to different devices like smartphone, tablets and many browsers. Your visitor can seamlessly browse your blog in any devices. Google may even reward your blog site in ranking for mobile responsiveness.

SEO Optimized

The websites are required to be optimized for search engines to rank higher in the search result page. As themes are a significant part of your site. You themes require a healthy level of optimization for major search engines. Many themes claim to be SEO ready, but you need to check the demo and even test it with SEO tools.