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    Hi there!
    Love this theme – very easy to use and seems to work well!
    I’m using it here:, and I’m using the demo site design.

    There are a few issues I’d like to change though – can you help me with them?

    1. I want to remove post dates and comment counts everywhere they’re displayed. I’m using a news-type theme, but the content I’m publishing is largely evergreen, so I want to hide all dates.

    2. The little colored tag next to the home page widget – e.g. the little red rod next to “Popular News” on the site demo page – I would like to change that color to #eb9b34

    3. I’d like to change the category tag color in all widgets to #83b52f

    4. I’d like to make the Breaking News slider show the full post title

    5. I’d like to have social sharing buttons at the start of the content as well as at the bottom. Also I can’t remember where to enter my social network page urls and need to remove G+ as it no longer exists.

    6. I want to be able to specify what shows in the Related Posts widget for each individual post.

    Finally, I’d like to remove the theme name and Axle Themes from the footer – unless you want to pay me for advertising 🙂

    Thank you very much for your help!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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