Slide Problem – Wrong URL for Read More when smaller the size of brwoser

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    just use your template, fresh install
    It is a very beautiful template! I love it

    Example URL:


    TEST Browser: Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari

    Slide 1) Creative Business Agency
    Slide 2) We are Creative Web Solutions

    When use “Full Size” of Browser to browse this site, at Slide 1, when click “>” in the slide,
    it will go to Side 2, it is okay

    But when I modifiy the browser size to “Smaller Size”, to make the browser to become smaller
    the “Read More” link will point to Slide 1, not Slide 2 (same problem when browse the site with mobile phone)

    When the brwoser is not in FULL Size (e.g. smaller the browser or mobile phone),
    then the Read More will point to wrong Slide

    May you help to check it?
    Thx a lot


    The Demo Site, corporate club has same problem

    Theme Demo

    When you smaller the browser size (chrome, firefox)
    slide2 “Read More” will point to slide1’s URL, not slide2’s URL

    But for similar template, business club,

    Theme Demo

    it seems okay

    Axle Support

    We are investigating the issue. It will be fixed in the next version.


    Thx for reply,
    May I know when will the next version release,
    becuase my Boss ask me to purchase this theme and finish the site within 2 weeks

    Axle Support

    This issue has been already fixed in the latest version. Please update your theme. Thanks.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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