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    hey guys I tried activating the theme support for the wc-product-gallery-slider but didn’t work, when I tried adding a plugin in order to have a product image slider (actually I have tried with thee of them the Advanced Woocommerce Product Gallery Slider, the Advanced Woocommerce Product Gallery Slider and the Woo Product Images Slider) I have the followign issue.
    The image (and the slider) duplicates I am posting a screenshot in order to show you slider error screenshot
    it seems to be a conflict of the addons with the theme but I can’t put my finger on it. Do you have any idea?
    I have tried disabling the support for all of the following but it doesn’t seem to be doing the job.
    add_theme_support( ‘woocommerce’ );
    add_theme_support( ‘wc-product-gallery-zoom’ );
    add_theme_support( ‘wc-product-gallery-lightbox’ );
    add_theme_support( ‘wc-product-gallery-slider’ );



    sorry for the inconvenience I found the issue… it was my mistake I had enabled an addon named WooCommerce Image Zoom after disabling it everything worked fine. Sorry guys


    Axle Support

    Glad that you investigated the plugin conflict. Good day.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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