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    Hello, I use Education mind free on the site
    I want to use a special font for the title of the site,
    I used the additional css (i have rename the font without dash, it is normal),
    .site-title { font: italic normal 28px ‘capture-it’; }

    it works on the pages of the first and second level but not for a third level page. I’m using a relative link and I tried a full link but that does not solve the problem
    please compare with title’s font are different. What’s wrong ? where is the solution ?

    Axle Support

    Hi Yao,

    Have you uploaded Captureit font to the theme folder? If yes, please let us know the path of the folder where you have uploaded it.


    no, the path is indicated in my additional css code .
    do you see in my question src: url (../capture-it/Captureit.ttf);
    so the name folder is capture-it on the root of the site.
    It is a font from Google Font
    I don’t see where are the fonts in the theme only a folder named font-awesome
    a css statement is normally applied throughout the site. I do not understand why not on the 3rd level


    resolved, I retried to put the absolute path instead of the relative path in the additional css and this time it was taken into account. that work

    Axle Support

    Hi Yao,

    Happy to know you fixed the issue yourself. Have a nice time ahead.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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