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    There are certain aspects of the theme I can’t seem to change the colour and they remain the default red. I’ve gone through the entire colour options menu and changed every red swatch to my colour (purple). Yet, there are still pieces of the theme that remain red. Namely, the boxes behind the category headings (as they show in the slider, and other places), the dots in the bottom right of the slider, and the vertical lines to the left of the sidebar headings. How do I change the colour for these remaining aspects?


    I would really appreciate an answer. The entire reason I purchased the pro version was to be able to change the colours.

    Here are screen shots of what I mean:

    I have attempted to go through the css as well, but changing the hex codes I could find made no change. My coding knowledge is very limited though.

    Axle Support

    Sorry for the late reply. Can you please try following CSS?

    .start_magazine_widget_posts_slider .posts-slider-category a,
    .start_magazine_widget_news_block a,
    .widget-area .widget .widget-category a,
    .start_magazine_widget_posts_slider .pager-box.cycle-pager-active,
    .start_magazine_widget_posts_slider .pager-box:hover {
        background: blue;
    .sidebar .widget-title,
    #footer-widgets .widget-title {
        border-left-color: blue;
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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